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Exterior Stair Options & Information

Are your stairs rotting out or wobbly as you walk down them? Don't let safety be a concern in your own home. We're here to help. West Royal Contracting offers free consultations for your exterior stairs. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a stair set built to last, ensuring safety for years to come.

With countless hours dedicated to crafting custom exterior stairs, West Royal Contracting offers endless possibilities and custom options for every project. We have the knowledge to build them to last by incorporating supports and proper mounting hardware, ensuring a great set of stairs with durability and stunning looks. Let us create a solution tailored to your needs, blending functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

West Royal Contracting's Pressure Treated Stairs

At West Royal Contracting, we prioritize durability and aesthetics in our stair designs. We utilize pressure-treated wood, renowned for its ability to resist rot and withstand the elements, ensuring longevity. Additionally, we enhance strength and aesthetics by capping the stringers with 2x12 lumber, providing extra support while hiding the tread edges for a sleek look. This approach guarantees both a long-lasting staircase and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your space.

Composite treads and rises

At West Royal Contracting, we offer composite decking boards for stair treads, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. Composite decking withstands all elements and requires minimal maintenance, retaining its pristine look for years. Additionally, we provide the option to fully enclose your staircase, enhancing its appearance. With us, you'll have a staircase that remains beautiful and functional for the long haul.

Aluminum Railings

At West Royal Contracting, we understand the importance of both durability and aesthetics in stair design. That's why we offer aluminum railings as a sleek and durable option to complement your stair sets. Aluminum railings not only provide a modern and sleek appearance but also offer exceptional durability, ensuring they stand the test of time. Paired with dark wood stair sets, these railings create a striking contrast, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. With our aluminum railings, you can have both style and strength, elevating the look and functionality of your staircases for years to come.

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