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Information on Deck Installation and Deck Contracting

Updated: Apr 26

At West Royal Contracting, we build decks with precision and expertise, ensuring that each project meets the highest standards of quality and safety. From meticulous planning to careful construction, we pay attention to every detail, using premium materials and industry-leading techniques. Our commitment to excellence means that your deck will not only be visually stunning but also durable and built to last. Trust us to create the perfect outdoor retreat for your home.

Regulations and Structural Guidelines

When constructing a deck, it's vital to follow local building codes for safety and compliance. Deck piers anchored in concrete below the frost line provide stability, while understanding joist spans ensures structural integrity. A common rule of thumb is that lumber can span 1.5 times its width, such as a 2x6 spanning up to 9 feet and a 2x8 spanning up to 12 feet. Consulting local codes and span tables ensures proper joist spacing and sizing, meeting regulatory requirements.

Composite Decking for Durability and Maintenance

Composite decking offers durability and low maintenance, resisting rot, decay, and insects. Applying butyl tape on joists during installation helps prevent moisture intrusion and potential rot, enhancing longevity. Extended warranties often accompany composite decking, providing long-term value and peace of mind for


Railings and Safety Standards

Proper railing installation is crucial for deck safety. Railings should be at least 34 inches high according to most building codes, preventing falls and ensuring occupant safety. Secure attachment to the deck structure and proper fastening of balusters or infill materials are essential for creating a safe outdoor space for family and guests.

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